The process for applying for scholarships varies based on whether you are an entering freshman, a currently enrolled student, or a transfer student.  Only complete applications will be considered. 


Scholarships are financial awards given to students who intend to enroll in the University or are currently enrolled in the University. 

NSU offers the following Institutional Scholarships for Entering Freshman, Currently Enrolled Students and Transfer Students:

Awards based primarily on academic performance and the achievement as measured by grades and/or specified test scores. 

Awards based primarily on leadership potential or demonstrated leadership. Apply online for Foundation/Leadership Scholarships

Awards based primarily on service participation of the recipient and individual evaluation performed by the department.  These awards are awarded through the Department of Creative and Performing Arts, Department of Military Science and Department of Language and Communications.  Determinations of awards are done by respective departments.

Awards based primarily on individual evaluation performed by the Athletic Department in compliance with current NCAA regulations.

Entering Freshman Students
In order to receive priority consideration please adhere to the following dates:

  • December 1 - initial priority deadline
  • March 1 - second priority deadline

Entering freshman must submit the following during their senior year in high school:

  • Paid admissions fee
  • Official high school transcript*
  • Official test score on either the ACT (school code 1600) or SAT (school code 6492)

*Louisiana Students graduating 2003 and after:  NSU will request an electronic copy of your transcript from the State of Louisiana's Student Transcript System.  There is no need for you to request a hard copy from your school district unless instructed by the NSU Office of Admissions.


Currently Enrolled Students 
Currently enrolled undergraduate students will be selected based on their academic achievement while at NSU.  Student selected should receive an award letter in July. 


Transfer Students 
Transfer students must submit the following by July 1 prior to their intended fall enrollment in order to receive priority consideration for academic scholarships:


Academic Progress for Scholarships 
Students must meet Satisfactory Academic Progress as stated on your award letter each semester in order to receive awards the following semester. Recipients of academic and leadership scholarships must maintain the required GPA and be enrolled as a full-time student at NSU for the semester. Students who have scholarships cancelled due to failure to meet specified criteria for continuing to receive the award may appeal to the scholarship appeal committee for an exception, by completing a scholarship appeal form.

Scholarship appeal deadline dates:

  • February 15 following a fall semester cancellation
  • August 15 following a spring semester cancellation